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Our competitive pricing will save you money on custom wedding invitations. Priced as low as $.43. We also include insert cards and matching envelopes at no extra charge!

Each Set Includes Your Personalized Design, Insert Cards, and Matching Envelopes!

Work one-on-one with our designer at no extra charge! We will work with you every step of the way until your wedding announcement looks perfect. We work with couples throughout the U.S. and have over 200 5-Star Google Ratings⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

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Do you need your wedding announcements as soon as possible? We will have them printed and ready to pick-up or ship within 1-2  business days once you approve your personalized design!

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My fiance and I had our invitations done at this business! She was amazing. Our invites looked incredible and she was so quick and easy to work with. By far some of the best pricing we found as well! Love this place.
Maggie Faulconer Avatar
Maggie Faulconer
They were super helpful from the beginning to the end! Our invitations turned out amazing and were done super fast. We appreciated Janet was super helpful making sure it was the way we wanted our invitations. Thank you so much! I wish I could give more then 5 stars!
Amber Davis Avatar
Amber Davis
The most affordable and quickest option we found! So easy working with Janet - she was quick to respond, and was able to customize our invitations to some specific requests we had. After we finalized our design with her, she printed the next day. We have already recommended MCC Wedding Invitations to two other couples, who have both had exceptional service as well. We will continue recommending!
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Erin Anderson

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Affordable Wedding Invitations: Making Your Dream Wedding a Reality Without Breaking the Bank

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect. From the flowers to the venue, the dress to the cake, every detail matters. One of the most important details is the wedding invitation. It is the first glimpse your guests get of your special day, and it sets the tone for what is to come.

However, wedding invitations can be expensive, and the cost can quickly add up. Here are a few ways you can explore how to get affordable wedding invitations without sacrificing quality or style.

Why Affordable Wedding Invitations Matter

Weddings are expensive, and the cost can quickly spiral out of control. According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $33,900. The cost of invitations alone can range from $400 to $800 or more, depending on the number of guests and the level of customization.

For many couples, this is a significant expense that can put a strain on their budget. However, affordable wedding invitations do not have to mean cheap or tacky. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can have beautiful invitations that fit your budget and style.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Custom Invitations

Before we dive into how to get affordable wedding invitations, it is essential to understand what factors affect the cost of invitations. Here are some of the main factors:

Types of Printing

The printing method you choose can have a significant impact on the cost of your invitations. The most common printing method is digital, This is what we use. Other types of printing are offset, letterpress, and foil stamping. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and the cost can vary depending on the complexity and the number of colors used.

Paper Quality of your Wedding Invite

The type of paper you choose can also affect the cost of your wedding invite. Premium paper stocks like cotton or linen will cost more than standard paper stocks like matte or glossy.

Design and Customization

Customization is a significant factor in the cost of wedding invitations. The more customized your invitations, the higher the cost will be. We make your wedding invitations more affordable by including the cost of customization of you invitation. Other Printers charge around $30/hour for this service.  Customization can also include things like hand-lettering, calligraphy, custom graphics, and unique shapes or sizes.


The number of invitations you need can also impact the cost. Printing a smaller quantity can be more expensive per piece than printing a larger quantity.

How to Get Affordable Wedding Invitations

Now that you know what factors affect the cost of popular wedding invitations let’s explore some ways to get your affordable wedding invitations.

Choose a Simple Design

Choosing a simple design can help keep the cost of your invitations down. Simple designs are usually less expensive to print, and they are also easier to customize if you decide to add personal touches like ribbons, belly bands, or envelope liners.

Use Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most affordable printing method and is suitable for most wedding invitations. Digital printing uses a four-color process, which means you can print in full color and include photos or graphics without breaking the bank.

Print at Home

If you are not using a wedding planner and are printing your invitations at home, that can be a cost-effective option, especially if you have a small guest list. You can purchase printable invitation kits online or at your local craft store and print them at home using your printer.

Order in Bulk

Ordering your invitations in bulk can help you save money per piece. Most printing companies offer discounts for larger quantities, so ordering more invitations than you need can be a cost-effective option.

Choose Affordable Paper

Choosing affordable paper can help keep the cost of your invitations down. Standard paper stocks like matte or glossy are less expensive than premium paper stocks like cotton or linen.

DIY Invitations

If you are feeling crafty, DIY invitations can be a fun and cost-effective option. You can purchase invitation kits or blank cards and envelopes and create your own designs using stamps, stickers, or calligraphy as part of your wedding planning.

Shop Online

Shopping for invitations online can be a great way to find affordable options. Here at MCC Wedding Invitations we offer a wide range of styles and customization options at lower prices than traditional printing companies.

Opt for Postcard Invitations

Postcard invitations are a simple and affordable option that can save you money on both printing and postage. Postcard invitations are also eco-friendly, as they require less paper than traditional invitations.

Order Early

Ordering your invitations early can help you save money on rush fees and shipping costs. Most printing companies offer discounts for early orders, so be sure to plan ahead and order your invitations well in advance of your wedding date.

Skip the Extras

Adding extras like envelope liners, belly bands, or custom wax seals can add up quickly. Skipping these extras can help keep the cost of your invitations down while still maintaining a stylish and elegant look.

Your wedding invitations are an important part of your wedding planning, but they do not have to break the bank. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can have beautiful invitations that fit your budget and style.

From choosing a simple design to ordering in bulk, there are many ways to get affordable wedding invitations without sacrificing quality or elegance.


Q. Can I still have customized invitations if I want affordable options?

A. Yes, you can still have customized invitations even if you want affordable options. You can choose simpler designs and add personal touches like ribbon or calligraphy to give them a personal touch.

Q.  Is it cheaper to print my own invitations at home?

A.  Printing your own invitations at home can be a cost-effective option, especially for smaller guest lists. However, it’s important to factor in the cost of paper, ink, and any additional supplies needed.

Q. How early should I order my wedding invitations?

A. It’s recommended to order your wedding invitations at least 3-4 months before your wedding date to ensure you have plenty of time to address and mail them.

Q. Are postcard invitations suitable for formal weddings?

A. Postcard invitations can be suitable for formal weddings, depending on the style and design. Simple and elegant postcard designs can be just as stylish and formal as traditional invitations.

Q. Can I still have high-quality paper if I want affordable invitations?

A. Yes, you can still have high-quality paper if you want affordable invitations. There are many affordable paper options available that still offer a premium look and feel.

Additional Tips for Affordable Wedding Invitations

Here are some additional tips to help you get affordable wedding invitations without sacrificing quality or style:

  1. Keep it simple

Simple designs are usually less expensive to print and customize. Opt for minimalistic designs with clean lines and elegant typography.

  1. Use free fonts

There are many free fonts available online that you can use to create custom designs for your wedding invitations. Some popular font websites include Google Fonts and DaFont.

  1. Consider digital RSVPs

Digital RSVPs can save you money on printing and postage costs. You can create a simple RSVP form on your wedding website or use an online RSVP service like RSVPify.

  1. Order a sample

Ordering a sample of your invitation can help you ensure that you are happy with the design and paper quality before placing a larger order.

  1. Check for discounts

Many printing companies offer discounts and promotions throughout the year. Check for current promotions and sign up for email newsletters to stay up-to-date on special offers.

  1. Use recycled paper

Using recycled paper for your invitations can be an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. Many paper companies offer recycled paper options that still offer a premium look and feel.

  1. Keep the size and shape standard

Choosing a standard size and shape for your invitations can help keep the cost down. Non-standard sizes and shapes often require custom envelopes, which can add to the cost.

  1. Use a single color

Using a single color for your invitations can be a cost-effective option. Choose a color that matches your wedding theme and incorporate it into your design.

  1. Print on both sides

Printing on both sides of your wedding invites can help save on paper costs. Consider printing your design on the front and wedding details on the back.

  1. Avoid hand-addressing

Hand-addressing your invitations can be time-consuming and expensive. Consider using printed labels or hiring a calligrapher to address your envelopes.

Final Thoughts

Affordable wedding invites are a great way to save money on your wedding budget without sacrificing style or elegance. By considering factors like printing method, paper quality, and customization, you can get beautiful invitations that fit your budget. Use these tips to help you find affordable options that are perfect for your special day.

My name is Janet, and I am proud to be the owner of MCC Wedding Invitations. My mission is to create beautiful, personalized affordable wedding invitations that are accessible to everyone. I understand that weddings can be expensive, and that’s why I am committed to offering affordable invitations.

My price includes not only designing and printing your invitation, I also design and print your insert cards at no extra cost. I also include matching envelopes! I believe everyone deserves a beautiful wedding invitation, regardless of their budget. My commitment to quality and affordability has earned me over 200 Google 5-Star ratings from brides across the country that I have worked with.

So, whether you’re planning an intimate backyard wedding or a grand event center affair, I have a design that will suit your needs and your budget. Give me a call at (801) 491-6931 and let me help you on this journey to create a beautiful and unforgettable wedding invitation that won’t break your bank.

Pricing for all quantities and information on what is included in my package price can be found on this page: Invitation Pricing – Affordable, Customizable Options

If you are looking for cheap color copies that are printed on state-of-the-art equipment using the best quality paper, check out my other website: My Color Copies.